A House from the Deep – Crochet Cat House Pattern


Embark on a creative journey under the sea with this unique Angler Fish Crochet Pattern!

Perfect for the seasoned crocheter in search of adventure. This pattern brings the hauntingly beautiful angler fish to life as a comfy cat bed where your feline friend can snuggle comfortably and safe. The lure of the angler fish serves as a playful tease, keeping them entertained.

This pattern is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality finished product. Not only does the pattern deliver an end product of a charming cat bed, but also presents an enjoyable crocheting experience for you. This 116 page pattern is full of step-by-step instructions accompanied by detailed pictures. Get ready to dive into your yarn stash and surface with a striking angler fish cat bed that will leave everybody hooked!

Check the last picture for all technical details.

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