Amigurumi Pattern: Wild Kids – Frog

This cute amigurumi kid in a frog kigurumi is the new addition to the Wild Kids pattern collection!

The adorable frog is entirely crocheted and made of soft parts which makes it perfect for playtime and a perfect gift for kids!

Detail of amigurumi kid wearing a frog hoodie

The frog onsie is full of fun details! Create a special and unique plush toy for your child with this cute amigurumi pattern.

Sample of leaves from the amigurumi frog crochet pattern

This PDF pattern is hyperlinked for a speedy navigation and ease of use! It has 60 pages that include english instructions written using US terminology, 18 detailed step-by-step tutorials with pictures, and 14 additional pictures showing in detail where to assemble all the pieces of your amigurumi.

Get the pattern now to create your own amigurumi frog toy that your child will love and cherish forever. Available at BuddyRumi, Etsy and Ravelry.

Collect them all! The pattern for the Wild Kids – Fox in already available! There are many more Wild Kids to come so stay tuned for that!

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