Pet House Pattern: A House from the Deep

Picture this: a cozy crochet cat bed that not only satisfies your feline friend’s nap-time needs but also unleashes your creative genius. Introducing ‘A House From the Deep’ – the ultimate cat bed pattern that will transport you to a world of underwater whimsy. Get ready to dive into a crochet adventure like no other and create a cozy haven for your beloved pet.

Crochet cat bed shaped like an angler fish

The House from the Deep cat cave is an advanced pattern perfect for crocheters that want a more challenging project!

Angler fish t-shirt yarn crochet cat house

With written instructions and detailed picture tutorials, you’ll be able to bring this angler fish-inspired masterpiece to life. Get your crochet hooks ready, because we’re about to make waves in the world of cat beds!

Sample of sheets from the crochet angler fish cat cave  pattern

This crochet cat bed pattern has 116 pages with 91 of them filled with detailed step by step picture tutorials that will guide you through the process of completing this amazing house. The pattern is written with US terminology and abbreviations.

Dark blue crochet cat bed shaped like an angler fish with a cat sleeping inside

When I started making the angler fish house we didn’t have Ellie yet, but when she arrived she chose it as her favorite spot to nap!I hope you like the House from the Deep and that you crochet it for your feline friends. I can’t wait to see what colors you make them in!

The pattern for the House from the Deep is available at BuddyRumi’s shop, Etsy and Ravelry.

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