Amigurumi Pattern: Yorick the Skull

Yorick: from the stages to your crochet hooks!

This amigurumi rendition of the brain cactus in a skull shaped pot was born from the desire to have the real thing. While I know where to acquire the pot I have never found the brain cactus in my local garden centers. Well, I thought, if I can’t buy it, I amigurumify it! And that’s how Yorick was born!

A woman's hand holding up an amigurumi skull with yellow and pink flowers for eyes and a brain cactus on top of the skull

And if you are in the same situation as me or if you want to reenact the famous “To be or not to be scene” with a friend the pattern for Yorick is available now!

Amigurmi skull with yellow an pink flowers for eyes and a brain cacatus on its top, on top of a rock

Yorick is a quick fun project that can be finished in a couple of days! It’s simple to make and is great for crochet beginners as well!

Sample of sheets from the amigurumi skull crochet pattern

This amigurumi pattern has 18 pages with written instructions using US abbreviations, and 7 detailed step by step tutorials with photos!

If you make Yorick be sure to share photos! I would love to see them! Tag me with @buddyrumi on Instagram or use #buddyrumifamily !

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Yorick amigurumi skull an brain cactus


Yorick crochet cactus skull pattern.jpg




Disponível também em Português!


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