Off the Hook: Ellie the Amigurumi Whale

This cacti and succulent loving amigurumi family keeps growing! The newest member is Ellie the whale!

She’s so sweet and caring that she always brings her plants up to take a breath with her!

Amigurumi whale and succulent

Ellie was a fun project to crochet right from the beginning. I wanted to give her a really curved tail that would show off the fin so I worked to push the shape of this amigurumi to get that effect. The first question was: should I crochet her in one piece or more? After some tries I decided to go with several pieces so I could give her the shape I was aiming for.

Dark blue amigurumi whale with succulent on top of its head

Another detail that I really wanted to capture was that I wanted to give the impression that Ellie was coming up to breath and that’s why I chose the Adromischus cristatus (Crinkle-leaf plant) for her.

Amigurumi succulent and whale

I had so much fun making her tummy! I really like the texture of the crochet stitch I chose, I think it’s perfect for the tummy of a whale!

For her face I wanted to give her a really sweet expression with an open mouth smile but in the end I thought that she looked even sweeter this way!

Check out the rest of the family: Yorick the skull, Ollie the sea otter and Edgar the elephant.

Update! The pattern for Ellie is ready!

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Amigurumi whale home decor
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  1. I stumbled upon you and I’m thrilled! My daughter is obsessed with succulents and see life as she lives in Florida. She wants me to make a succulent garden for a friend of hers and then making individual succulent that could be for the baby to hold or decorate the room. She also wants one for herself LOL anyhow I’m not real Savvy with interest. I would love this pattern. And to see any of your others. Do you sell them on Etsy? Thank you

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