Off the Hook: Ollie the Otter – Amigurumi Project


Meet Ollie! This sweet buddy likes to drift in the current holding on to his cacti collection and showing it off to all his sea otter buddies!


Amigurumi otter and cacti


He is the sweetest guy, kind and always helpful. If you are feeling down he is always ready to give you a hand and let you drift with him while he shares fun facts about cacti!


Amigurumi crochet otter


For example: did you know that the word cactus originates from the Greek “Kaktos”, a name used for a spiny plant that may have been the cardoon or artichoke? That’s right, Ollie told me!


Ollie the amigurumi otter


Look at him! So proud of his big cacti momma and her little babies!


Amigurumi sea otter holding cactus


Ollie is full of sweet details like his little feet and hands, and his tiny ears!

The pattern for Ollie will be included in the second volume of Gardening with Crochet.

Can’t wait to get started on some wooly cacti? Grab the first volume of Gardening with Crochet!

Update! The pattern for Ollie is ready, click the image below to get it!


this is the alt text


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  1. Your otter is very cute, but I don’t understand why he’s holding a cactus. That’s a big disconnect in the world of otters. They would usually be holding a shellfish of some sort and would be in the process of opening it up with a rock. I’m very familiar with them, having spent many years decades on the coast of California. Am I missing something? Thank you.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      You’re right! They don’t mix in the real world! The only connection I see between them is that I love them both! ^^
      Ollie will be part of the second volume of Gardening with Crochet, where I group together several cacti patterns. This time around I wanted to have fun with the pots, I wanted to give the cacti fun and cute pots instead of the usual shaped ones. Ollie is the result of that! I really like to see the otters with their babies or food on top of their bellies and I though that that was the perfect shape for a cute pot. =)
      If you look closely you can see that his belly is a different colour than the rest of the body, representing the soil for the cactus. =)
      In the next posts you will see that this is a theme for this Gardening with Crochet pattern. Right now I’m working on the next one and the pot is shaped like an elephant! ^^
      Hope I made it clearer and I hope you can excuse my bending of reality! =)
      Thank you!

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