Off the Hook: Edgar the Amigurumi Elephant

This is Edgar! He is the third member of this succulent loving amigurumi family along with Ollie, the otter, and Yorick, the skull!

Amigurumi elephant and Easter Lily cactus

Edgar is just a baby elephant but he loves succulents and cacti so much that he carries them around searching for the perfect spot to put them in!

Amigurumi Easter Lily cactus on top of an amigurumi elephant

This was the second attempt to make Edgar. At first I wanted to make him with a crochet thread, a smaller hook and in a way different colour but as I kept going I found I wasn’t completely happy with how he was coming out. In the end I had to put him aside for a while to come back later.

Grey amigurumi elephant and amigurumi cactus

After completing Ollie I decided to come back to Edgar but with a totally different approach. I decided to give him a more realistic, but cutified, look instead of the stylised slick ceramic pot look I was going for before. I’m so happy I did that! I think he looks way cuter and adorable! I love him to bits! ^^

Amigurumi elephant home decoration

He’s so cute! Every time I look at him he makes me smile and I want to hold him tight! ^^

The crochet amigurumi pattern for Edgar will be included in the second volume of Gardening with Crochet!

Update! The pattern for Edgar is ready!

 Pint it for later!

Crochet baby elephant and cactus amigurumi
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