Amigurumi Pattern: Robber Ant and Hatch


Are you a Kasey Golden fan? Amigurumi lover? Crochet addict? Now you can finally make your own Robber Ant and Hatch! =)

These guys were made originally for Kasey as a gift to show how much I appreciate her videos! Then I started to receive requestes for the patterns, I asked Kasey for permission, she gave the green light and here we are! Warm up your wrists, get your hooks ready because the boys are here! =D


Robber ant and Hatch amigurumi pattern


Robber Ant yoga


Robber Ant has a hard skeleton inside so he can be posed! He really likes doing yoga because he needs to be strong and nimble for his main activity…


Crochet balaclava


Don’t forget his balaclava, essential for his line of work.


Crochet black balaclava


The balaclava is removable because not all in life is work!


Kasey Golden Hatch fan art


Hatch is so cute and sweet! Brighten up your day by having this little guy always with you!


Blue amigurumi rabbit pattern


Add a keychain and attach him to your keys, bags, backpacks … everywhere! =D


Hatch amigurumi keychain pattern


Spread the cuteness by gifting him to you friends and family!

This PDF pattern has 51 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures to demonstrate assembly or any special techniques. It includes tutorials on how to add the skeleton to Robber Ant and the keychain to Hatch.


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