Pet House Pattern: Queen of the Castle House


New pattern alert!!! The pattern for the Queen of the Castle House is now available on the shop!!!


T-shirt yarn cat bed


She’s the Queen of the house! She’s the Queen of our hearts! So I guess it’s only fitting that her home should be a castle!


Queen of the Castle cat cave


Because I want my Queen to be safe, in the moat lives a sea monster that captures all that adventure there uninvited! Also, the house has three windows so that she can spy on us from every side!


Amigurumi kraken


Make sure to announce your visit or you’ll end up like this unfortunate fellow!


Crochet bee guard


This cute little fella is Her Majesty’s personal guard!


A little throwback to when Mini Me went to visit the Queen!

The PDF crochet pattern for the Queen of the Castle House has 127 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures in order to demonstrate assembly, any special techniques or other more complex parts. It includes instructions on how to make the house sturdy so it can hold its shape.


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  1. Is there a possibility to buy the pattern for just the tentacles please?
    they look brilliant, but i wouldn’t be able to use the rest of the pdf if i bought it all together (It does look amazing though!)

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