In My Project Bag: Mini Amigurumi and Hats


What new things does my project bag hold? Lets take a look! =)


Crochet cat keychain


I decided to bring together all the ami keychain I made so far in an awesome bundle and add two more little friends to the group! So far you know Mini Peny, Mini Pony and Stitch! Of course I had to add a Kitty but for the last one I’m divided between a racoon and a hegehog! What do you think? 


Mini crochet girl


I decided it was time to update my own amigurumi version so I’m making the same body I made for mini Leslie! I also wanted to make a different outfit for myself and want to make it possible to dress and undress so I can change it when I want! =D


Pilot crochet hat


Also in my project bag is the third version of the aviator hat! I’m really liking it how it’s coming out and I think this will be the final version! ^^

What’s on your project bag?


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