Off the Hook: Hats, and More Crochet Hats


It’s that time of the year again! The cold is here and everyone wants to keep their heads warm! That means… crochet hats for everybody! =D


Bear Crochet Hat with earflaps


To make the brown bear crochet hat I used the pattern for the polar bear hat and changed the colors! Instead of white I used brown and instead of the grey I used beige! I think it turned out really cute! ^^


Bear crochet hat with braids


Polar bear crochet hat with earflaps for babies


Here is the Polar Bear version of the hat. I made this one in baby size, that’s why it doesn’t have braids on the earflaps.


Gir green alien with crazy eyes crochet hat


If besides keeping your head warm your intentions are to make people around you smile, Gir is definitely the guy for the job!

What are you working on?


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