Off the Hook: Kasey Golden’s Robber Ant


Robber ant’s head is finally where it belongs! He now spends his days doing yoga while he waits for his friend to be finished (it’s a surprise so I can’t show him yet!) and preparing for a big trip that he and his friend are going to make! =)

Here are some of his favorite poses:


Amigurumi ant doing yoga


Crochet ant in downward facing dog


Amigurumi ant handstand


He can’t resist but to show off with this unique headstand! ^^


Kasey Golden Robber Ant in Amigurumi


Every professional ant in this field needs a stylish balaclava! ^^


Crochet Robber Ant, Kasey Golden’s original character


His name might be Robber Ant but it doesn’t mean that that is all he does, that’s why I made an opening in the back of his crochet balaclava so he can slip it on and off any time he wants! =)


Watercolour illustration by Kasey Golden

Watercolour illustration by Kasey Golden


The amigurumi Robber Ant is inspired in the original character of the same name by Kasey Golden! Check her out!


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