Off the Hook: Mini Rarefolk Amigurumification Part III


Next on the amigurumification list: Mangu, the double neck guitar player!


Two arms amigurumi guitar


I had so much fun making his guitar! I ended up coming up with a new way of making them sturdier! =D At first it looked like a cookie, but once I added the details a crochet guitar was born! ^^


Crochet shoes


One more mini ami that likes to keep his feet comfy! =)


Amigurumi guitar player


I really liked adding his piercings but I completlly forgot to take close up pictures of them! *slaps on forehead and shakes head slowly*  He has four earrings on his left ear and one on the right, and a piercing on his nose! =D


Photography by Flora Salamanca

Photography by Flora Salamanca


Mangu Diaz, Rarefolk


Human Mangu and his unique guitar! =D

Monday find out who was next on my hook on Part IV of the amigurumification of Rarefolk! =)


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    • Hi Irene,
      At the moment I don’t sell the pattern for Mangu, but I will surely let you know if that changes.
      Thank you!

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