How to… Crochet a Pill Shaped Amigurumi Piece

The pill shaped amigurumi pieces are great to make arms, legs, tails, snakes or any elongated piece you would like! =)

Learn how to crochet a pill shaped amigurumi piece following these simple rules:

1. Start with a flat circle

Crochet a flat circle with the width you want your “pill” to have.

2. Work up

Work more rounds without increases or decreases than the ones where you increased. For example if you increased for 4 rounds work, at the very least, 5 rounds without decreasing or increasing. The more rounds you work this way the longer your “pill” will be.

3. Decrease to close

Decrease evenly around on all rounds until you have 8 to 6 stitches.

4. Close and finish off

Close the opening and finish off securing the yarn.

The “pill” is complete and ready to be used! =)



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