How to… Crochet an Amigurumi Ball

Balls are a very useful form to crochet for your amigurumi! They make great heads, eyes, embellishments, bodies… the imagination is the limit! =)

To crochet an amigurumi ball follow these simple rules:

1. Start with a flat circle

Crochet a flat circle to the width you want your ball to have.

2. Work up

Work the same amount of rounds with no decreases or increases as the number of rounds you increased on. For example: if you started by increasing on 5 rounds, now you need to work 5 rounds without increasing or decreasing.

3. Decrease to close

Decrease evenly around on all rounds until you only have 8 to 6 stitches or less.

4. Close and finish off

Close the opening and finish off securing the yarn.

And that’s it! Your ball is finished and ready to use! =D

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