Pet House Pattern: Into the Woodland


Magical, whimsical and with a super cute neighbor!


Into the woodland cat cave


The new crochet pattern to make the home of your furry friend’s dreams is ready! =)


Pet t-shirt yarn cave


It has a window on the side so kitty can observe the outside without being spotted.


Mushroom pet bed pattern


The Into the Woodland House is made mainly with t-shirt yarn! It’s very comfy, with a cushion inside where kitty can curl up and dream!

The house is 37cm (14.57 inches) tall, 31cm (12.20 inches) wide and the lawn has a diameter of 66cm (26 inches).


T-shirt yarn mushroom pattern


A fun texture on the underside of the mushroom cap makes this fun house even more like a mushroom.


Ferdy amigurumi caterpillar


I promised Ferdy a home and I made good on that promise now it’s up to you to provide the purrfect neighbor! =)

The PDF crochet pattern for the Into the Woodland House has 46 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures to demonstrate assembly or any special techniques. It includes instructions on how to make the house sturdy so it can hold its shape.


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