Off the Hook: Amigurumi Penny


Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a great project I have been working on these past few weeks! 

Like most of my favorite projects so far it was an amigurumification! =D

Meet Penny, a furry terrier mix cutie! ^^


Photos taken by Penny's mommy, Jennifer.

Photos taken by Penny’s mommy, Jennifer.


The pictures above show the main characteristics that I wanted to capture in Penny’s amigurumification: her spots and fur. I also tried to be true to her forms and shapes as much as possible, I always like to put as much detail as I can in my amigurumifications.


Custom amigurumi dog


Jennifer, Penny’s mommy, suggested I leave Penny’s right ear up! In my first sketch I had both ears folded, but I promptly made the change, and after looking at Penny’s many Instagram photos I realized that she has the tendency to leave that ear up, which makes her even more cute and funny. ^^

The collar with the bone and name give her a special touch!


Custom crochet dog


 I’m really pleased with the shapes of the body and legs, especially the chest and belly. It’s something that, from the beginning, I knew I had to capture well.


Amigurumi terrier puppy


The spots on the back were a must!


Amigurumi crochet doggie


I think she came out really cute and every time I look at her it gets harder and harder to let her go! ^^

This project was fun, challenging and very rewarding! I loved making her, it’s one of my favorites this year! =D

Join Penny on the dance floor! =D


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