Off the Hook: Amigurumi Puppet and Crochet Wallets


Hello everyone! Let’s see what amigurumi and crochet wonders I have ready to show you! ^^

First up is one of my favorite projects I made so far this year! The horse puppet! =D

It was the first time I tried to make an amigurumi horse and the first time I tried to make a puppet! I love challenges and I loved making him!


Amigurumi horse puppet


I made this little buddy for my nephew, he is two years hold, and he needed a puppet to accompany a music he chose at the kindergarten. He chose a music where a horse is the main character and, like the good aunt that I am, I made him this little buddy! At first he was afraid of him, but now he loves him!!! ^^


Crochet horse puppet


To play with him we insert the hand on the back of his head, where there’s a special compartment, and move his mouth with our fingers.


Amigurumi puppet


I wanted to give him a really fun look so I made him a wild mane and tail with felt. I love the end result and I love to see my nephew play with him!!! ^^

Secondly I want to show you the new members for the second volume of the Buddy Wallets. After the success of the first volume I decided to make a second one! So far I have three new buddies! =D


Minion crochet wallet


I love the Minions and they couldn’t be left out! I love how he came out! I love the eyes and glasses, and his little pocket in the front!


Personalized minion crochet wallet


This one I made for a friend that wanted the name of the child on the wallet. I made the name with felt and sew it to the back with the blanket stitch, all wallets can be customized like this one! =)


Pig crochet wallet


The second addition to the new Buddy Wallets is this sweet piggy, but don’t let him fool you, he has a secret…


Piggy crochet purse


… his nose is very special, it can hold small objects separate from the main pocket!


Crochet wallet little bird


For the third member I decided to have fun with colors and shapes! I made this sweet buddy with bright tropical colors and for his beak I made a little heart! So cute! ^^

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!

See you next time everyone! Have a great weekend! =D


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