Pet House Pattern: On the Road Pet Home


It all started in the Spring of 2014 when I was talking with hubby and all of the sudden I saw the cutest image in my mind! A cute little kitty looking out a window of a vintage caravan! Right then I knew that that had to be my next crochet project adventure! =D

One year and a half later here it is! The vision came to life and now you can also make your own On the Road House for your cute pets! ^^


On the Road House cat crochet bed


The On the Road House is very spacious! (Height: 44cm / 17 inches; Width: 76cm / 30 inches; Depth: 38cm /15 inches) It fits 2 to 3 cats or small dogs. Perfect for those furry friends that like to huddle up together to sleep. It has a pillow inside so that your pets can sleep comfy and warm.

This crochet home has windows on all its sides. You can’t escape their eyes!


On the Road Vintage Caravan pet house


On the Road House t-shirt yarn pet cave


The PDF pattern for the On the Road House has 50 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures to demonstrate assembly or any special techniques.

On the Road House

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  1. Can you tell me how it stands..if there is any wire or anything used? I want to be sure I can do pattern before I purchase. Thanks!

    • Hi Tammy,
      To help the house to stand I used wires and plastic canvas inside it.
      The wires are weaved into the stitches or into the plastic canvas. The pattern includes step by step instructions (with pictures) on how to do that!
      Thank you!

  2. this is a very long and hard thing to do you should tell people ahead of time what is really involved in make this cat house very disappointed cause after i did everything you said my house is still collapsed

    • Hi Michelle, I’m very sorry about your experience. You can always email me ( to ask anything you want about the patterns and I’ll gladly reply and help.
      If you’d like you can send me photos of your house and/or your questions and I will try to see what’s happening.
      Thank you! Ana

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