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I finally finished the laptop cover I was making for my mom! Now I can show it to you! =)

Initially I was making it with t-shirt yarn, but there was something off and I didn’t seam to be able to finish it. When I started to make the Tunisian crochet swatches book I decided to make the cover with yarn instead, it was a lovely opportunity to work with one of my favourite stitches. I chose the Basic Tunisian crochet stitch (which I love) and decided to make stripes because I had never done stripes with this stitch (can you believe that?).

I love how it came out! I love the fact that the fabric resulting from this stitch is thick (which is good to protect the laptop), I love the stripes, I love the effect of the reverse single crochet around the edges… resuming: I love everything! =D

The best thing is that my mother loves it too!!! ^^

Laptop Cover.jpg

The stripes go around the back and to the flap that closes the cover.

The laptop fits all snug and comfy inside the cover! ^^

Vintage caravan pet house

I made some progress on the new cat house! I’m loving making this project, I think it is going to be awesome once it is finished! The form is inspired by vintage caravans that I find really cute. Imagine the little faces of your furry little friends peeking through the windows! Cuuuuuuute!!! ^^

And last but not least, I’ve finished the super secret project but can’t show just yet. 

Have an excellent week! 


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