8 Crochet Tools You Don’t Need to Buy

You don’t need to buy these crochet and amigurumi tools because you already have them laying around the house! =D

1. Stitch Markers

Paper clips

Paper clips make excellent stitch markers and they seem to live in every house!

2. Safety Eyes Placement Tool

Scissor protector

As I’ve shared previously I use the blade protector from a scissor to attach my safety eyes. It’s a tool I already have and it’s easy on the fingers.


Another object that can be used with the same technique as the blade protector is a clothespin. Chose one that is sturdy, has flat sides and that has a hole big enough for the post of the eye to slide through.

3. Bag/Case for Projects and Tools


Use your old backpack from school! If you don’t have yours anymore maybe you can use one that your kids don’t use anymore.

You can also use an old beach bag or even make your own! =D

If you want to know how I organize my backpack, check it out here!

4. Ball Winder


A great ball winder that you always have are your hands! Check out this tutorial on how to wind a center pull ball by hand! Of course this is best if we only need to wind a small amount of yarn, if you need to wind a great amount of yarn regularly go ahead and buy the wider! =) 

5. Hook Organizer

Makeup brush organiser

I think we must all have that cheap makeup brush organiser that came as a gift with something else that we bought and we never use. This is a great way to finally put it to good use!

Pencil case

You can also use an old pencil case from your school days or one that the kids don’t use anymore.

Zip lock bag

Or a zip lock bag that came with something you bought.

6. Yarn Holder

I usually have my yarn inside a cloth bag so my yarn balls don’t run from me, but another simple way to achieve this is to simply place the yarn we are working with inside a bowl! 

Pinterest is full of creative do it yourself ideas for yarn holders, check them out! =D

7. Stuffing Tool


Always with you, the trusty hook can also serve as a stuffing tool.

Use its flat end to push the stuffing down. Especially useful to stuff thin amigurumi pieces! 

8. Pellets

To make your amigurumi heavier use those decorative stones that you bought but never used. I think we all got those. =P

Another thing you can use is smooth stones from the beach or river. Remember to wash them first! =) 

Hope you find the tips useful! =D

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