Traveling Buddies

As I started to get more requests for finished buddies, I started to think about the packaging for them. I wanted something handmade and cute, this is what I came up with. =)

Pillow box

Pillow boxes for crochet hats.

Big buddies

Rectangular boxes for big buddies.

Little buddies

Cube boxes inspired by tea boxes for the smaller buddies.

All were handmade by me using corrugated cardboard! =D

The heart and star charms were also handmade by me using polymer clay, but I started to notice they took up a lot of time to make and polish and that’s where the idea to use buttons came up. I have a thing for big and bright buttons but I never use them for anything so this looked like the perfect opportunity to give them use! It’s also a great opportunity to use small bits of yarn. ; )

I really love the finished packages and the contrast between the natural color of the cardboard and the color of the ornaments! =)

What do you think? Would you like to see these arrive at your door?

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