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This week I can only show you some of the projects I’m working on, the other two are secret projects that I can only show you when they are done and delivered to the new owners. =)

I started to work on this project that, for now, looks like a green ninja. =)

He is going to be part of a collection I have in mind. =)


I finally started to work on a project that I though of when I started to crochet: a swatch book. Now that I’m pretty familiar with the basic stitches, I decided to start my swatch book with the Tunisian crochet stitch family.

Tunisian Swatch Book

I’m making swatches of 10 stitches by 10 rows, all with a 5,5mm hook (US: I/ UK and Canada: 5). I’m binding them together with  a big metal ring that I have left from my scrapbooking days. I still have to block some of the swatches that roll on themselves and I want to add labels with the names of every stitch.

I love the rich textures of the Tunisian crochet stitches! My favourites so far are the simple, knit and waffle stitches! =)

What cuties hang from your hook? =D

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