It’s Going Live!!! =D

The new site is going live tomorrow!!! =D

For now I live you with a quick peek at the newest modifications I made since last time.


I added a search area to the footer of every page, this way, if you’re not finding what you need, you’ll always have the search readily available. =)

And I can finally show you the Tutorials pages!

Tutorials Page.jpg

The Tutorials are organised by Stitches, Amigurumi, Eyes, Hair, Special Yarns and More. Just click the category you want to explore in the drop down menu in the main navigation and then click the image for the tutorial you need and the tutorial will load!

There are some categories that aren’t fully populated but I will finish them soon. I just can’t wait to show you the site up and running!!! =D

I’m going to make a verification to see if everything is working properly and tomorrow I will make it live! =D

So check back tomorrow and let me know what you think!!! =D

If you discover some bugs on the site, if you have suggestions, if you just want to give your opinion or say hello leave a comment below! =D

See you tomorrow!!! I’m so excited!!!! =D

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