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Today I want to share with you a project I’ve been working on lately. 

It’s a digital project and it’s the renewal of BuddyRumi’s website! For some time now, I wanted to give it a cleaner and more up to date look. =)

Let’s take a tour so that when the new website is ready you’ll know what is what! =D 


The header, navigation bar and sidebar are pretty much the same. I didn’t want to make you feel lost in the new website so I only made some minor changes (for the best, I hope) in the site’s navigation. =)

Header and navigation.jpg

The header is still under development, it feels too empty, but I’m not sure what to do to make it better…

We have some news on the navigation bar, now we have the Buddies tab which substitutes the Home tab.

I took down the Photo Gallery page because I felt that it was a repetition of the homepage and didn’t bring anything new.

I placed a new tab for Tutorials which has a drop down menu where you can chose between Image Tutorials and Video Tutorials.

I decided to make the About and FAQ tabs visible in the main navigation bar instead of in a drop down menu.

The Free Goodies, Blog and Stores tabs are still present. Of course. =)

The sidebar is only visible on the blog page and still has all the important links and features (Search, Social media buttons and blogposts categories).

Main Changes


The Buddies page is the new BuddyRumi’s homepage, it’s where you can see all the buddies I’ve made. Now they are arranged by categories and to see more just click on the category you wish to explore and more pictures will come up.


The Blog page is wider and has a white background instead of light grey, which I expect will be easier on your eyes. =) 

Free Goodies.jpg

The Free Goodies page is a little bit different, I think that this way is more attractive and easy to look for what you want. Just click the image for the project you want and the PDF file will open up! =D


The new FAQ page is more elegant and easier to read, if you don’t find the answer to your question please contact me through the Contact Us form on the bottom of the FAQ and About pages.

On the Tutorials (Image and Video) pages I will round up all the tutorials I’ve made in the Light Bulb series of the blog and all the tutorials in video format that I’ve recorded so far. I’m also thinking of adding more categories like Stitches, Safety Eyes, Hair… so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. No images available yet. =)

These are the main changes and news to the BuddyRumi’s website!

I will let you know when the change is going to be made so you don’t get caught by surprise!

All opinions and suggestions are welcome! =)

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