How to… Finish Off Perfectly

Hello crafty friends! =D

Today I want to share with you a life saver!

Sometimes when assembling a buddy, specially if its pieces are of different colors, we try to hide our finish off in places that we know that are not going to be seen, like where other pieces are going to be attached.

In the years I’ve been making buddies I started to notice that sometimes the finish off would slip right inside the piece, but other times it just seemed that it didn’t want to go in.

I wanted to make sure that I had a perfect finish off every time, so I started to take notice on what I was doing.

Here is the result of the observations I made: a finish off that slides inside the piece every time! Check it out! =)

I use the single crochet stitch for the bodies of my buddies, so this technique is specific to pieces built with the single crochet stitch.

Master Finish Off.jpg

1. Orient your piece in such a way that the single crochet stitches are upside-down making them look like little upside-down “v”s. Make the tail come out between two single crochet, in bottom part of the little “v”s. 

2. Insert the needle under the closest loop of the single crochet to the left. Pull bringing the yarn to the back of the loop.

3. Insert the needle under the same loop a second time.

4. Pull the yarn until it creates a loop. Insert the needle in the middle of the loop.

5. Pull yarn creating a knot.

6. Insert the needle into the same space where it first came out in step 1.

7. Make the needle come out opposite to that space and pull the yarn to the back.

8. Bring the needle to the front and insert it under the loop where the knot was made. Hold the needle in place, placing two fingers under it. Pull the tail, in the back, to the back making the knot slip inside the piece without pulling the stitch with it.

9. Cut the yarn in the back. The yarn is secured and the knot out of sight.

Using this technique we can finish off anywhere in the piece without worrying if it’s going to be seen.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! =D

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