In my Project Bag

Hey hey hey crafty friends! =D

This past week I was able to finish two projects and got a little work done on another two.

Lets start with the finished ones! =D

Big Eyes Verde.jpg

I finished one more Big Eyes crochet hat, this time in green. I think it came out really cute! I’m always amazed how this hat is always cute in all the colours I’ve already made it! ^^

Baby Aviator Hat 3.jpg

Finally I finished the aviator hat. I had a little block on how to make the goggles, but finally rounded up the courage to make them. Some times we just have to try for things to come out!

Baby Aviator Hat 4.jpg

You can use it with the straps undone or…

Baby Aviator Hat 5.jpg

… with the straps buckled behind the head. I think it came out really cute and fun! =D

Little Bunny 4.jpg

I was able to make some advances on the bunny, made the main part of the dress, sewed the legs to the body and assembled the little bunny faces that are going to be attached to the front of the slippers.

Helmet Hat.jpg

Finally the grey yarn was available once again, and I was able to continue working on the helmet hat. I think it is going to turn out great! =D

I hope to have these two projects finished and ready to be delivered by the end of this week. =)

I’m also working on another piece for special birthday that is coming up! But this one I will show you after it is delivered so I don’t ruin the surprise! 😉 

What about you? What have you been up to? What beautiful things hang on your hooks?

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