How to… Work with T-shirt Yarn

Hello fellow crafty buddies! =D

I love making t-shirt yarn projects, but working with this type of yarn can be hard on your hands and wrists and that’s why I completely change my technique when working with it.

I usually use the pencil hold to hold my hook when crocheting, but due to the thickness of the yarn and the amount of strength I need to make to crochet, this is very hard on my wrists. 

Instead I use the knife hold (in the photo), this allows me to use more my arm instead of my wrist and I can make the strength I need without hurting.

Knife Hold.jpg

Hold the hook between your thumb and your index finger with the end of the hook under the palm of the hand.

Just like the name indicates, hold your hook like you were holding a knife. =)


To control for tension I use my left hand. The yarn goes over my index finger, passes between the index and middle fingers, and I use my remaining fingers to hold the yarn gently.

I also use my thumb and middle finger to hold the piece.

Below I show an example of me working on a Kitty Kat House:

Working with t-shirt yarn.jpg

1. Hold the hook and t-shirt yarn like described above.

2. Because I’m working with half double crochets, yarn over.

3. Insert the hook into the next stitch making a stabbing motion with the hook.

4. Yarn over.

5. Pull up a loop, by pulling the hook back, out of the stitch.

6. Yarn over.

7. Pull the yarn through the three loops.

Hope this helps you enjoy your crocheting even more!!!

BuddyRumi saving wrists one at a time! =P ^^

Do you have more tips and tricks to save your hands and wrists while crocheting? Share, share, share!!! =D

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  1. Your blog is awesome! What’s your technique to actually make the T-shirt yarn? Thank you!

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