Drawing Buddies: Rumi

Hello crafty buddies! ^^

I’m not a very good drawer, but I think it will be fun to show you how my buddies are born. I wish this will be an incentive for some of you that wish to try their hand at designing amigurumi but didn’t have the courage to do it yet, and maybe this way my drawings will get better too. =)

Drawing it’s the way I first organize my ideas for new buddies. I usually draw them on grid paper to get a better sense of the shapes and proportions.

Rumi was one of the first buddies I designed. I love mice, they are so cute! I also love the idea of anthropomorphized and dressed animal toys! ^^


When I make the drawing I also make little notes regarding colors, techniques and types of yarn I want to use.

Drawing is also a good way to breakdown the design, I can see more clearly all the shapes I need to make and how to make them. 

Rumi 2.jpg

The final result is quite similar to the drawing. He has the pointy nose and rounded body, the shape of the ears  and fingers that I wanted, and , of course, the clothes and the “R” on his t-shirt. All details that were very important to me when making Rumi. =)

What are your strategies when designing your amigurumi? Do you draw? Do you make notes? Both?

Let me know! =D

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    • Hi Ana!
      Thank you so much of your comments!
      I haven’t written much on how to design patterns, I write more about techniques and tips to make your amigurumi, but it is something I can talk about more in the future. =)

      I publish my pattern on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy. You can find the links to the stores on the top of the sidebar or on the navigations bar in the "Stores" link.

      Thank you!
      Ana =)

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