In my Project Bag

Hello crafty friends! =D

Want to see what goodies live in my project bag this week? Lets take a peek! =)

Little Bunny 3.jpg

This week I had the chance to make a big progress on the bunny. Everyday he gets even cuter! ^^ 

I ended up changing the shape of his body a little bit and I think it’s much better now. I love how the blue goes so well with the bunny’s colour! =)

Baby Aviator Hat 2.jpg

The aviator’s hat is almost finished, I just need to make the strap for the goggles and sew them to the hat.

I decided to make the lenses in the same colours of the hat to give the illusion that they are clear, I think it came out alright. =)

Big Eyes Green Crochet Hat.jpg

I’m also finishing another big eyes hat for a newborn, this time in bright green. Fun!

What are you working on? 

If you love it like it, pin it, share it ! =D

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