How to… Slip stitch before Needle Join

Today’s crochet tip is a simple one but I use all the time:

Always slip stitch before you Needle Join (aka Invisible join)! =)

Why should you make that extra step? Lets compare two finished pieces, one without the slip stitch and another with the slip stitch.

Needle Join

Needle Join.jpg

If you needle join immediately after the last stitch of the round there is a harsh inclination from the last stitch to where the needle join finishes. 

Slip stitch plus Needle join

Slip stitch and Needle Join.jpg

The slip stitch brings the height of the last stitch down before making the needle join. The end of the piece is smoother and the finish off is not so apparent.

In the same manner, if I’m working with a taller stitch, like the half double crochet, the last three stitches I make are two single crochets and one slip stitch to bring the height of the stitches down, and only then I make the needle join.

Give it a go and let me know what you think! 

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