This Week’s Favorites – Owls

Hello crafty friends!!!

Owls are very present here where I live, we can see them in the telephone poles and wires when the sun starts to set and we can hear them through the night! Recently they have been very active and we can hear them vocalizing a lot and on several occasions it seams to be more than one!

Inspired by this rise in owl activity I though I would share with you some of my favorite amigurumi owls! =)


Jip the Owl by Tessa van Riet-Ernst from Woolytoons (free pattern).


Pim, pam pet uil by Tessa van Riet-Ernst from Woolytoons.

Cheerful Owls by Wilma from Willewopsie.

Professor Higginsworth by Jessica Burbank from Happyhandmadebyjess on Etsy


Small Owls by Sidrun from Sidrun’s Zoo on Craftsy (free pattern).

Have a great weekend!!! =D

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