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Hello crafty friends! =D

I’m happy to say that this past week I manage to make progress on several projects!


I had to unravel the Totoro shaped cat house, it was getting too wide and I didn’t like it. I’m much happier with its shape now!

Beard 2.jpg

I know that the beard for my brother doesn’t seam to have evolved much since last time you saw it, but sadly I had to unravel it too. It was too wide and after I unravel it I was afraid that it was too narrow so I had to do another fitting with my brother. =) Now it’s just right and I can work on it again. =)

This month is my brother’s birthday and I want to finish it by then! Shhh, don’t tell him! =)

Mini Frank.jpg

I’m working on some Halloween projects and this one is a comeback of a friend from last year in a mini version! Can you guess who he is?


I’m also trying out a new keychain kitty inspired by Garfield,

using the barber pole stripes technique


I thought he would look really cool with golden eyes, but since I don’t have them I have to make my own

using nail polish


Now this little guy is waiting for my mother to bring me her gold nail polish so I can close his little head. =)

What are you working on? Working on cool projects for Halloween? Tell us about them!!! =D

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