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Hi crafty critters!!! =D

Oh wow! July is turning out to be a really exciting and busy month! =D

These past weeks I’ve been working hard on two new orders!!! One is an amigurumification of a friend and the other is an amigurumification of a video game character! Unfortunately, for now, I can’t show you these projects until they are finished and delivered because they are going to be gifts and I don’t want to take any chances on ruining the surprises. =) But I’ll show them as soon as I can! =D

What I can show you is the progress I made on the Amigurumi Rag Boy.

Amigurumi rag doll boy crochet

Amigurumi rag doll boy crochet

The polo shirt is the only thing that is unfinished, but it’s almost done. I think I will add, at least, one more row to the collar and then I still need to put some buttons and make the sleeves. Oh, and one more boot hehe =)

Now I’m going to work some more on the the Periodic Table Blanket pattern! I know you are wating for it!; )

What are you working on?

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