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Hello my wonderful crafty friends! =D

First of all I’m sorry for not being as present as before but I’ve been super busy, fortunately =D! This month has been so busy that I’m afraid that one of these days my hubby is going to come home and find me all tangled up in yarn, looking like a yarn mummy!!! Hehehe

This past week I was finally able to finish Lucas the Amigurumi Rag Boy. His pattern is available for free on BuddyRumi’s Facebook page. After July the patterns for Alice and Lucas will only be available through purchase on BuddyRumi’s stores, so go there and click click click! =D

I was also able to work a little bit more on the Trunk Shaped Cat House! Remember me saying I wanted to give the kitty that lived in this house some neighbours? Well, here they are! =D

Nesting birds amigurumi crochet

Nesting birds amigurumi crochet

Two little cute birds in their nest! I love them! =D

Amigurumi birds in nest crochet

Amigurumi birds in nest crochet

The little plastic balls you see in the pictures are sewing pins that are holding the pieces together, I still have to assemble them. =)

Cute amigurumi green and yellow bird crochet

Cute amigurumi green and yellow bird crochet

I love these little cuties! ^^ 

I love their shape, the colors, their sweet look, everything!!! =D

Crochet branch amigurumi

Crochet branch amigurumi

I’m also doing a branch to place on the top of the cat house, but ran out of yarn and wasn’t able to finish it =(

I’m hoping I can release the patterns for the cat houses soon!

I continue to work on the pattern for the Periodic Table Blanket. I want to include tutorials for the Tunisian crochet (how to make the stitch, how to change color, how to follow the pattern, how to assemble… ) that way someone that hasn’t worked with Tunisian Crochet before can also make it. All these tutorials are going to take some time, but we will get there. =)

What are you working on?

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    • Hi Zoe!
      I’m really glad that you like it! Thank you!
      To make the nest I used fur yarn or eyelash yarn (it has many names depending on the brand). It’s that type of yarn that has many strands coming of the main thread.
      This nest is part of the Tree Trunk House for cats. The pattern of the Tree Trunk House is still unfinished, but I’m working on it and hope to have it finished soon. =)

      Thank you!

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