First Anniversary Blog Giveaway!=D

Hello Happy Crafty Critters!!! =D

I started this blog one year ago today!!! It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun too!

Since then some things have changed, for the better I hope ^^. A lot of tutorials were made, a lot of techniques and projects were shared, and new friends were made!!!

To thank you all for all you support I want to give you the chance to win a BuddyRumi pattern for free!!! =D

Leave a comment below! Tell me what you think about BuddyRumi, what you like, what you don’t like, why do you come here, what do you think could be changed to make it better… or any other comment you want to share! =)

There will be two winners!!! The winners will be chosen at random at the month (leave your email when writing the comment). The pattern will be sent by email after I contact the winner and ask what pattern they want!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. I Love, love, LOVE the Frankenpurse!! I can't seem the find the actual usable pattern, and would be happy to pay for it if you could email it to me. I'm 70 yrs old, and plan to make this for myself. I usually don't carry a purse, my little money/cc/DL pouch fits nicely in one pocket of my jeans, and my cell phone goes in the other, so it's never been necessary. But this purse is so COOL, I plan to show it off everywhere!

  2. Too bad I missed the giveaway!
    I only started reading your blog a couple of days ago and I find it so helpful. I LOVE your way to make the heads moveable. It's great. I has looking for a way to do that when I stumbled upon your blog.
    Thanks a lot to help us all beginners 🙂

    Ps: That Gir is awesome

  3. Hi Vicki!
    I don't know any patterns for pillows with the shape that you want.
    Hope your are lucky in your search. =)
    Thank you!

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