This Week’s Favorites – Granny Squares

These past weeks I’ve been searching for granny squares, hexagons, all and any shape that can make up a blanket. =)

My mother is finishing her current blanket and asked me to look around for more cool designs.

So check out what I found! Oh, and all patterns are available for free!!! =D

Blanket by Adele at Three Beans in a Pod Crochet

This beautiful blanket was made by Adele over at Three Beans in a Pod Crochet. Adele provides the links for the patterns to make up this blanket, or you can check them out here: African Flower Hexagon, Half African Flower and join as you go technique.

Crochet * Granny Square “Somalia” by eliZZZa at Knitaholics

The pattern for this vibrant flower is available at Knitaholics

Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me

The pattern for these super fun Owl Granny Squares are available at Repeat Crafter Me.

4-hearts square (ice cream & cupcakes too) by Debi Y. at Hooks and Yarns

The 4 hearts can be turned into ice-creams or cupcakes with simple modifications! The pattern is available at Hook and Yarns.

Multi colour flower blanket square by Fiona Kelly

The pattern for this colorful flower square is available at Fiona Kelly’s Ravelry page.

Funny Face Square by Carola Wijma

Perfect for kids, with simple changes you can have a smiley face, a bear, a kitty and even a pirate bear! =D

The pattern is available at Carola Wijma’s Ravelry page.

Square Bear Square by Amelia Beebe

This little cute bear is also perfect for children! The pattern is available at Amelia Beebe’s Ravelry page.

So who wants to start a blanket? =D

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