In my Project Bag

This week my project bag is busting through the seams! I don’t think there is a bag big enough for all of them, hehe! Today’s post is more like In My Really Big Project Bags! =D

The Trunk Shaped Cat House is almost ready! Well, the main parts is. =)

This one is going to have lots of surprises that I think you and your kitties will like! =D

Trunk Shaped Cat House in Crochet

Trunk Shaped Cat House in Crochet

Now I’m working on the structure that is going to make the house keep its shape, it has been a fun process!

I can only close the trunk when the structure is completed and inside it. 

Cat Shaped Cat House in Crochet

Cat Shaped Cat House in Crochet

The Cat Shaped Cat House hasn’t change much since I last shown it,  currently I’m working on its cushion and before I complete it I can’t close the house.

All the cat houses will have a cushion so that our kitties are comfortable in their home! ^^

I’ve also been working on finishing the patterns for Raz (the bat) and Alice (the amigurumi rag doll), just need to take some more pictures for the instructions!

Almost everyday I attach on more column of the Periodic Table Blanket, there are still some to go but it won’t be long now before it is ready to start working on the boarder! =)

What are you working on? 

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