This Week’s Favorites – Amigurumi Moms and Sons

Amigurumi have mothers too! These are some of my favorite amigurumi moms with their babies!

Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster by dangercrafts

The pattern for Daphne and Delilah is available at dangercrafts’ Etsy store.

KIRA the kangaroo by lalylala

The pattern for Kira is available at lalylala’s Etsy store

Tortoise Mom, Baby and Birdy by TheTrendyYarnStudio

The pattern for the Tortoise Mom, Baby and Birdy is available at TheTrendyYarnStudio’s Etsy store.

Mum and Baby Ducks by Denizmum

The pattern for Mum and Baby Ducks is available at Denizmum’s Etsy store.


And don’t forget,  Mother’s Day is coming up!

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