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This past week was all about the kitty houses.

I completed the main structure for the Tree Trunk Shaped Kitty House.

Tree Trunk Shaped Kitty House.jpg

The lucky kitty to have this house will also enjoy an extra outdoors space that is not yet done and will also enjoy the company of some neighbours. 😉

The Cat Shaped Kitty House suffered a delay. Its shape wasn’t quite the way I wanted so I had to unravel almost everything. A good thing about working with t-shirt yarn is that it grows quickly so I’m almost at the point I was before unraveling.

Cat Shaped Kitty House.jpg

I also wanted to let you know that the patterns for Raz (the bat) and for Alice (the amigurumi rag doll) are almost ready to publish! Just need to take some more photos for the instructions. =)

What are you working on?

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  1. could you upload or show all the process of the tree trunk shaped kitty house please? I’m new at this but I really want to make something for my cats as yours.

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