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This week I’ve been working on the final touches of the amigurumi rag doll and bat, but I’ve also started to plan the next projects.

Green Yarn.jpg

I’m thinking of using this yarn in one of the new projects, I’m not sure yet because it depends on if I can find a yarn with a colour that coordinates with this one.

T-Shirt Yarn.jpg

In several of the new projects that I have in mind I’m going to try using T-shirt yarn (trapilho) because of its rigidness. I think it might be right for what I have in mind. I still have to buy more colours, but it’s hard to find stores with a good selection of colours around here. If you know of a good online store please let me know! 

Big Crochet Needle.jpg

This is the first time I’m working with T-shirt yarn so I had to buy a thick hook to work with it. I bought a 7mm hook but it’s still hard to work with it, so I think I’ll have to buy I thicker one, 8 or 9mm maybe. I want the piece to be structurally strong so I don’t want the stitches to be too lose. 

Lucky Clover.jpg

While I was making the Heart Shaped Flowers pattern I noticed that when I had four petals together it would resemble a clover, I couldn’t resist so I had to make one. =)

Codrin 5.jpg

Our friend from the dusk is eager to present himself to you! He couldn’t resist to take a peek at what’s going on and ask: What are you working on?

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