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Today was a lovely sunny day and Alice, the amigurumi rag doll, went out to enjoy it. She walked in the sun while watching the swallows fly by and listening to the blackbirds sing.

Alice Amigurumi Rag Doll.jpg

In the meantime inside the house… =)

I started to work on the projects in which I’m using the t-shirt yarns. I found a place near me that sell a good selection of t-shirt yarn! Yay!

Cat Shaped Cat House.jpg

This one is going to be a cat shaped cat bed!

Log Cat House.jpg

And this one is going to be a log shaped cat bed!

I can’t wait to see them finished and with a kitty inside! =)

Big Crochet Needles.jpg

I also had to buy thicker hooks to work with the t-shirt yarn.

I don’t know why but buying new tools is always so much fun!

Periodic Table Blanket 4.jpg

And finally, I can proudly say that I crocheted the last pieces for the Periodic Table Blanket! Now I need to block them and sew them together!

 What’s hanging on your hook/needles?

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  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I'm so happy you like her!
    That mini Totoro seemed so happy in there, once I placed it there I didn't have the heart to take it out again! =)
    Thank you!


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