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Amigurumi Rag Doll

Amigurumi Rag Doll

This past week I concentrated my work on the amigurumi rag doll. It’s been a while since my last freebie pattern and I’m eager to give you one more! =)

You can see that it’s almost completed, just need to finish one shoe and make another one, make the second sleeve, and make the head bigger. Add some finishing touches and embellishments, and of course the hair and face, and it is done! =)

The Wreck-it Ralph doll is on hault until I can get my hands on the yarn I was using for his skin, let’s see if I can get it this week…

I was with my brother yesterday so I took the chance to mark where to attach the sideburns for his disguise glasses with beard.

What are you working on?

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