This Week’s Favorites

Couch monster by debivanzyl

I really love this guy! Seems like at any moment he is going to turn his head and begin a conversation with me! =) I really want him in my couch!

The couch monster is a creation of debivanzyl on Etsy.

Garfield, Pooky and Odie by aphid777 on Deviantart

What a lovely family picture! Garfield, Pooky and Odie hanging out in the garden on a lovely afternoon!

Check out aphid777’s Deviantart page to get Pooky’s pattern!

Mending a Granny Square by Trudi

Do you have a beloved crochet piece made out of granny squares that is coming apart? Check out Trudi’s tutorial on her blog Creative Fidget!

Have a great weekend!

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