How to… Jointed Limbs with Yarn

 After we gave him a movable head, Tutorial Boy now wants movable arms! I say he deserves them! =)

Movable arms with yarn.jpg

1. You will need the main body of your amigurumi (that can be finished, stuffed and closed), one arm with a long tail and another arm with the tail weaved in.

2. For clearness purposes the green yarn will take the place of the long tail of one of the arms.

3. Insert the needle under a stitch of the last round and pull the yarn.

4. Insert the needle in the body at the desired height and make it come out the opposite side at the same height. Pull yarn.

5. With the needle grab one or two stitches from the top of the second arm.

6. Insert the needle into the body and make it come out the opposite side at the same height. Use the same spaces as in step 4. Pull and secure the yarn, and weave in the end into the arm.

7. Insert the needle into the first arm, in the same space it came out in step 3, and make it come out at the top. Pull yarn.

8. Our amigurumi has movable arms! The arms move independently, one arm can be up while the other is down.

The same steps can be used to give your amigurumi jointed legs, just repeat the steps on a lower part of the body.

Tutorial Boy now has a movable head and movable arms! What will he be asking for next?

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    • Hi Chris,
      You’re welcome!
      I’m happy that you’re finding helpful! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! =)

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