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I learned this super cool amigurumi technique with Beth Webber at By Hook, By Hand and I used it in my Mini Me project and wanted to share it with you! Beth has many more cool techniques on her blog that I want to try too, so check her out!

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1. You need a head that has the bottom portion opened and a torso or body with a long neck at the top (5 rounds). In the example above the opened portion of the head has 12 stitches and the neck has 8 stitches.

2. Thread a needle with a strong thread of the same or similar color of the head of you amigurumi. I’m using a contrasting color for visibility purposes only. Insert the needle into the top of the head one stitch to one side of the center.

3. Make the needle come out the opened portion of the head. Leave a long tail on the top of the head.

4. Insert the needle in the third round of the neck making it come out the opposite side.

5. Insert the needle into the top of the head, this time from below and one stitch of center to the opposite side.

6. Hold the head and pull both ends of the thread at the same time.

7. Tie a double knot and hide the ends into the head using a needle.

8. Head turned to the left.

9. Head turned to the right.

A simple and fun way to customize you amigurumi!

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    • Olá Denise,

      Bem-vinda ao mundo dos amigurumi!!! =D
      Espero que encontres muitas coisas úteis por aqui e se tiveres alguma questão é só perguntar! ; )


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