This Week’s Favorites – Christmas

Christmas is approaching! I think that it’s time to make some beautiful ornaments! Here are some suggestions!

Choir of Angels by Lorna Watt from Knits for Life

These cute little angels seem so concentrated on their singing, I almost can ear them sing! =)

This pattern was designed by Lorna Watt and is available at her Ravelry page

Christmas Tree Ornament by Beata Kaptur from Koala Kids Fashion

These colourful Christmas trees were designed by Beata Kaptur from Koala Kids Fashion. The pattern is available at her Ravelry page!

Pinecone Owl Ornament by Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me

To make this super fun and easy owl ornament just follow Sarah’s tutorial at Repeat Crafter Me!

And of course don’t forget our own festive buddies: Christmas Reindeer, Christmas Elf Ami, Little Gifts and Rudolph the Reindeer! =D


If you know some other beautiful patterns or tutorials that you would like to share, share them in the comments below! =)

Happy Crafting!!! =D

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