In my Project Bag

Hello crafty friends!

It’s time to check what I’ve been up to!!! =)

This past weeks I developed a kind of obsession for crocheted hats! Check them out!

Gir Crochet Hat 2.jpg

The first one had to be Gir! =D

Blue Crochet Hat 2.jpg

This wide-eyed cuteness was my next project. I love him!!! ^^ 

Hot Pink Crochet Hat.jpg

And of course I had to make one in the hottest pink I could find! ^^

Little Devil Crochet Hat.jpg

I’m making this grey one for a friend, it’s going to be a little devil! He is going to have two little red horns and a naughty expression! =D

Fox Crochet Hat.jpg

I’m also making one shaped like a fox! I still need to make the front part of the ears, the details on the snout and assemble her, but I already like how she’s turning out! =)

Are you making some crocheted cuties to keep you warm this winter? Please share! =D

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