In my Project Bag

Hello crafty friends!!!!

These past weeks I’ve been working on some new, fun and seasonal amigurumi and crochet projects!

Gir Crochet Hat.jpg

I’m making this super fun hat inspired by Gir! I love it!!!

The only thing left to do is to attach the ears and it’s done! Can’t wait to try it out!!! =D

Blue Crochet Hat.jpg

I’m making another crochet hat, but this time in blue and with a different face! =)

Christmas Reindeer 2.jpg

I’ve already started to work on my Christmas projects!

This year I’m making another Christmas reindeer but this one, besides having a different head, is also going to have a body!!! =D

Can’t wait to see it completed, it’s going to be super cute!!! ^^

Amigurumi Santa Claus Crochet.jpg

And of course, this big red ball his going to be the belly of the Santa Claus I’m making! =D

What are you working on?

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