Amigurumify Challenge

Amigurumify Challenge

Amigurumify Challenge

Hi everyone! Happy 2013!!!

I wanted to remind you that the Amigurumify Challenge has already started and you are always welcome to enter! The theme for January is Amigurumify: Yourself. Create an amigurumi version of yourselves!

I made some small changes to the rules for the challenge that I think will help things to run more smoothly. I will also change them in the last post where I made the announcement so there will be no confusion.

Amigurumify Challenge Rules

Amigurumify is a monthly challenge that runs simultaneously on BuddyRumi’s Ravelry group and on BuddyRumi’s Facebook page. According to the theme of the current month we will have to make an amigurumi version of something or someone in our lives. I will try to participate every month but my entries will not be up for voting, that’s just for you guys!

  • The first weeks of each month we create and make a submission.
  • All entries must be specifically created for each individual challenge.
  • One entry per user (one photo of the amigurumi doll and other of the subject of amigurumification =P )
  • You can submit your entry on the BuddyRumi’s Ravelry group or on the BuddyRumi’s Facebook page.
  • In the last 5 days of the month we will vote on our favorite amigurumi and the new theme will be announced.
  • The voting will take place through polling.
  • The submission that gets more votes wins (Facebook and Ravelry combined)
  • The winner will have his/hers amigurumi doll featured in the “Amigurumify Hall of Fame” in the BuddyRumi Ravelry group, on Pinterest, Facebook and of course on BuddyRumi!

I really hope you join us! Have fun!

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